Statement related to
operations during COVID-19

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic whilst advancing our health solutions for those who are suffering needlessly is highest priority.

We are classified as an essential business by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where our main site for laboratory-based development resides. While we remain fully operational, we have implemented important changes to maximize the safety of our team.

To ensure we are maximally compliant, informed and up-to-date, we continuously monitor COVID-19 related regulations and guidelines of federal and state agencies and governing bodies as well as those of professional organizations such as Life Sciences Pennsylvania. To supplement this information, we have established an outside expert speaker program in which infectious disease professionals interpret and explain the latest science around mitigation of infection risk.

At a tactical level, in every instance, we focus on general safety but also the unique needs of the individual. Generally, we have eliminated non-essential travel and face-to-face meetings in favor of virtual meetings, deployed working-from-home to the extent possible, and implemented flexible, staggered work hours to encourage social distancing. We ensure that all forms of the most effective PPE are available ad libitum to our employees and their families. We have included COVID-19 safety as a key design consideration in the planning of our new expanded facility. Individuals with pre-existing conditions receive additional considerations to ensure their safety.

To ensure that our dependencies on other support organizations are managed, we regularly pressure check our global supply chain contingency plans for contract research and manufacturing organizations. This manifests itself in ensuring redundancy across geographies and enhanced communications and monitoring of deliverables.

We continue to increase our understanding of the diseases we are targeting through virtual engagements with patient advocates and physicians which includes the additional stressors on them that have come with the virus that causes COVID-19. This deepens our compassion and fuels our passion to develop cures for the most intractable diseases.


Covid-19 Update

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